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(59) Epic Nerd Wars!

April 5th, 2014


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On this week's show:
  • @JoeyP63 reviews the latest Battlefield 4 DLC
  • @toby937 FINALLY gets an XBox One!
  • More from South Park: Stick of Truth
  • How to play Mario Kart in Battlefield 4 - with Jeeps!
  • Is Twitch.TV in danger of becoming over saturated?
  • Kinnect is TOO accurate!
  • Pokemon Y hardcore competitions!
  • Pokemon in Google maps??!?
  • E-Sports - legitimate "sport", or just for hardcore Teenage gamers?
  • Is the Wii-U dead?
  • JoeyP devises the ULTIMATE nerd test - his Star Wars Vs Star Trek quiz!
  • @moobit and Toby are pitted against each other to defend the honor of their chosen Sci Fi franchise!
  • We cover this weeks gaming news stories
  • Oculus VR (Oculus Rift) is bought by Facebook - good or bad thing?
  • Free to Play FPS Warface hits 25million users
  • Social gamer angry mobs - just stop it!
  • Hitman Absolution + Deadlight both go free on 360 - why is PS+ better for free games?
  • Playstation Plus free games: Batman Arkham City, Incendiary Kings, Micky Mouse: Castle of Illusion
  • Phil Spencer becomes the new head of Xbox
  • Witcher 3 devs are "going nuts"
  • CliffyB - Twitters biggest troll!
  • Deus Ex gets an EPIC fan film
  • Toby Sings!
  • We all Sing!
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(58) Gertrude Drowns A Kitten!

March 20th, 2014


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In this packed to the rafters show:


  • @moobit brings you another round of “Name That Biscuit”
  • @JoeyP63 thinks he’s Jeremy Clarkson holding a prolapsed Kitten!
  • @Toby937 thinks he’s an e-cigarette smoking Richard Hammond!
  • And @moobit is revealed as “New Stig” – but he wants to be James May!


We also talk a bit about gaming:

  • Xbox One price cut – “where’s our free stuff??”
  • Is the pricing point for new gen games fair?
  • Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zero – are “prologue” games the new norm?
  • PVZ garden warfare – worth the money?
  • Steam Vs Console Download price differences
  • £1 disk insurance at GAME – good for Gaming Parents?
  • Playstation Store = Better than Xbox store?
  • Console Storage Wars – hard drive or cloud storage?
  • Staff shakeups at Nintendo and Microsoft
  • Xbox One Vs PS4 fanboys – does anyone actually CARE about getting 1080p first?
  • We all review the game of the moment - Titanfall
  • A pair of drunk random blokes interview @moobit without warning
  • The Witcher 3 – go try it!
  • Do reviewers read reviews more than the general public read reviews?
  • Offline mode for Sim City is finally here
  • @toby937 reviews South Park: Stick Of Truth





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(57) Back Like A #WreckingBall!

March 4th, 2014

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In this weeks Awesomesauce episode:
*@JoeyP63 has Kinnect-ion problems.
*@moobit attends Slimming World - whilst @Toby937 comes up with a BETTER idea.
*moobit rides a Wrecking Ball in just a Fez.

And we talk about a few GAMES too:
*Toby discusses BATTLEFIELD 4 problems and the lack of them on Xbox360.
*We prepare for TITANFALL (Check out the video playlist
*Full WARFACE review
*Is LORD OF THE RINGS: BATTLE FOR MORDOR just a re-skinned Assassins Creed?
*Is RAMBO: THE VIDEOGAME 2014 the worst game ever made?
*Gametronics gets a shout out.
*KNACK on PS4 is this weeks family friendly game.
*WATCHDOGS is nearly upon us.
*moobit harps on about RESOGUN again, as well as CRIMSON DRAGON.
*Toby discusses the merits of DEAD RISING.
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(56) Battlefield Phwor! (And Other New Generation Stories)

December 10th, 2013

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In this weeks Awesomesauce episode:

*@Toby937 returns from his Microsoft "Roadie" escapades
*We discuss a possible return of our popular feature "Name That Biscuit"
*@moobit provides live DVD cometary on "Trading Places" - on all the "important bits"
*JoeyP63 makes some Tetris Shelves
*The joys of Cloudy Lemonade

And we also discuss some actual VIDEOGAME stuff including:

*Xbox One and PS4 launch - is the lack of stock a marketing ploy?
*New Generation launch games
*Battlefield4 - great graphics and game play Vs server issues
*Call Of Duty:Ghosts - does the franchise need a refresh?
*Titanfall - too much hype?
*Resogun - the best "retro style" game in years?
*And we give you an EXCLUSIVE "behind the scenes" look at what it's like to work for Microsoft's Xbox One Expo Marketing team. 

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(55) Assessing Brick Textures

November 17th, 2013

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Twitter: @GDsPodcast

WE'RE BACK!!! :D  

@moobit and @joeyP63 return to entertain you with more randomness and gaming awesomesauce from the perspective of a group of honest, mature gamers and the biggest Mature gaming community on the web - @gamerdads!

This week we discuss were we've been and what we've been up to in the past few months, our review time with the PS4 and Xbox One and their respective launch titles - which one should YOU buy? We also discuss sexy Pokemon, warn the world about "Mr Mime's" peeping tom tendencies, and get excited for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary episode "Day of The Doctor" and moobit has to teach Joey WHO John Hurt is...
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(54) CommunityCast - MrDeadslay

April 9th, 2013

Twitter: @GDsPodcast and @gamerdads.

moobit and Toby open this weeks podcast in our usual random way by discussing Toby's new found fame as a Catwalk hair model! We then bring you a GamerDads communitycast as made by @MrDeadslay and guest starring Toby, where they discuss the general state of the games industry today.

If you want to watch the video of this communitycast, you will find it on And if you want to submit a communitycast to us, to possibly play here on the podcast feed to thousands of listeners - email @moobit at!

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(53) makes our Testes twitch!

March 26th, 2013

Twitter: @gamerdads and @GDsPodcast

This week it’s Joeys turn to be the grumpy one. We discuss:

Snow in Spring, Sheering a Bear and Baby Monkeys riding Pigs…

moobit reviews MarioU and ZombieU

We realise Her Majesty The Queen probably listens to us* (*probably not)

Is Lego City Undercover just a cute GTA clone or something more substantial?

We look forward to Battlefield 4

Assassins Creed: Black Flag gets about a Squillion “Special-Special Editions

We discuss this week’s New Releases including:

  • BioShock Infinite
  • Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
  • Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel
  • Police Force 2
  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14
  • The 39 Steps
  • Final Fantasy XI: Seekers of Adoulin

And finally we sing Karaoke “at” Toby and play another round of “Name That Biscuit”…

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Beormingahām’s Syndrome!

March 21st, 2013

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(52) wherefore art thou moobit??

March 20th, 2013

Twitter: @GDsPodcast


Whilst moobit is off gallivanting around making videos for Comic Relief, Toby and Joey soldier on without him… The Force was not that strong with them… ;D

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(51) Podizzle Fo Sho!

March 12th, 2013

Twitter: @GDsPodcast, @Gamerdads, @retrocast.


On this weeks “gangsta” episode of the GamerDads Dadcast: we have fun with the Gizoogle web filter, Snoop Doggs Way of the Dogg is announced for xbla and psn, Sim city servers go down on USA launch day, Lost Planet 3 gets June release date, End Game DLC for Battlefield 3 is released, Japanese PS Vita sales QUADRUPLE since price cut, EA clarifies its position on micro-transactions, Mojang consider Minecraft for Playstation, Ubisoft argues for WiiU price drop to help games sales, Ubisoft’s mock reply to PETA over Whaling issues in Assassins Creed 4, and the Boy Scouts of America announce videogame design merit badge!

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